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Are the 1% of vapers to blame?

Vaping is no doubt and has no doubt been under the federal magnifying glass, especially in the last 4 or so years. Government agencies and mainstream media alike have all been “claiming” horrible effects of vaping on teen usage as well as the “long term usage” unknowns. While this is nothing significantly new, It is, however, becoming more “demonized” due to the climb in underage use. 

Many in the industry refer to the 1% being the Instagram “models” and avid social media “promoters”. These 1% “ers” have individual follower numbers in excess of 100k. They typically are responsible for growing a brands presence online to be seen by potential retail and wholesale customers who purchase these products based on a “hype value” While it seems almost all companies in this industry are not opposed to this method of “advertising” or “marketing” we certainly cannot ignore the negative effects its causing. 

Vaping “advocacy” today is very similar to the “hippy” era for marijuana usage. Lots of claims or references to how them using it isn’t hurting anyone else and that it’s there choice and right. While I agree that it’s my right to vape I have to also agree that it’s being promoted very badly. 

Trick Comps, Cloud Comps, Vape Shows

Big tobacco didn’t do what so many in the vape industry do all too often and its almost glorify vaping as some “cool” “badass” thing to try and do.  Sadly there are too many ignorant and uneducated vape industry business owners who just “do what they want” without careful consideration of how the nieve teens of today’s world will perceive it. I do not agree that businesses should be the “protector” of your children but common sense for sure needs to be present. 

99% of people who vape, and have been vaping for a few years don’t follow these people on social media or pay attention to vape convention dates. They aren’t standing in front of a mirror trying to blow O’s or jellyfish. These people are typically just trying to quit smoking and have found a product that has worked better than anything else they have previously tried and its those of us who vape to not smoke cigarettes that potentially will pay the price when products and flavors get banned in areas due to the 1%

The truth is that kids will do whatever they want, especially if they think doing it will make them look cooler or be accepted in certain groups. If our industry practiced some discretion we probably would not be in this position at all.  Sure, we would still have greedy politics trying to make money off of the industry but I doubt it would be as demonized as it currently is. 


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