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Equality For Regulations? Or Just Bias?

The F.D.A claims that vaping and smoking are the same right? That vaping should be and is being treated the same as other tobacco products right? Well, if that’s the case then why are requirements so far from equal? 

Why is common sense being completely ignored when it comes to vape products? 

I am going to try to answer these questions to the best of my ability. 

First, I would like to discuss clear unfair label requirements. Vaping products, have to follow very specific requirements that include percentages of the package. In fact, 30% of the label must be used for the required “Nicotine Warning” label. Tobacco cigarettes are not held to the same standard when it comes to this. 

While tobacco cigarette packaging may have a few more lines of information that need to be on the package, there is no font size, label percentage, or any other requirement that would otherwise disrupt the “artwork” or branding remotely close to how it affects vape juice manufacturers

Why is this? Well, my only guess is they want to try as hard as possible to “ugly” the packaging of vape juice because they think it may lower the attraction from underage usage which, we all know or at least, should know will not really affect it at all considering the majority of underage usage, at least how the media and government word it, is JUUL

I mean for christ sake, just look at the Juul website and look at the Marlboro website.

You can instantly see a major difference in the first impression on the site! Click on Juul and you are immediately hit with age verification popups, and massive warning labels on their site that make you instantly feel like you shouldn’t be here. On the other side, you can visit Marlboro’s site and feel super welcomed and non threatened as you will not see any age verification popups or warnings anywhere. Just a nice attractive signup form that stats when you submit it you agree that your over 21 or older. 

How is this remotely close to fair? It’s not!

Nicorette is apparently another exemption from the harsh laws because when you venture to their site, you feel welcomed with not only savings and coupons but also aid in finding the products online and in local stores!

At what point does common sense kick in and realize that vape juice as more in common with Nicorette than it does with cigarettes. Nicorette provides users with nicotine, elimination the nasty chemicals and carcinogens that you would otherwise be forced to consume by smoking. This is the exact same intention and process from vape juice.

The majority of nicotine used in Nicorette and vape juice is derived from the tobacco plant so where is the massive separation and disassociation coming from? My only guess is because one looks like smoking and the other does not. It shows the age disadvantage that American Politicians are suffering from. Too old to learn or care about something new.  We all know how that goes. Who remembers when AOL was the main way to get online and every 6 months or so you would get a new version “disk” in the mail and once you updated, your grandma flipped out because a color of something changed!? 

When will we see the acknowledgment of vape products being nothing more than a nicotine replacement product? Do you think we ever will? Please comment below and tell me your thoughts.

Tim Court
Editor -In- Chief, The Vape Wire. Have something you think we should know? Contact me now @ newsdesk@thevapewire.com

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