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Michael Nedelman, CNN ( A great example of mis-information)

Original article written by Michael Nedelman, producer from CNN 

This is a great example of someone with a large media platform from a very bias and politically sided news agency passing on what looks at best, to be more uneducated incorrect quotes from people with the letters, DR in front of their name to use as some kind of validation for their “opinions”. While I will agree that typically, a medical professional may have some insight into specific topics with a bit more clarity and or training behind them, that does not mean they are correct or should make claims on things they, in fact, have not tested. 

Fact is, most of the incorrect  and flat out lies in Mr. Nedelman’s article would have appeared to him had he done a little research for himself and not just published someone’s “un-tested” opinion and publishing them as facts, but it is CNN after all so anything for the scare tactics and “fake news” right?

Here is a quote that made me smile

“There currently are no FDA-approved nicotine cessation products for e-cigarette users under 18.”  says the med student drop out CNN reporter turned film study degree.

First of all, the FDA term is ” Smoking Cessation”  
Second, vaping is by definition a smoking cessation.
Third, just because it’s not an “FDA approved” method does not negate its success.

An “actual study” was done and posted in the New England Journal of Medicine that shows factual and proven statistics that vaping is the most effective cessation available. 

They may not teach you the ease and wonder of google in film school but I would have thought CNN would have at the bare minimum.

Michael Nedelman

Another interesting quote was from that of Dr. Sharon Levy.   

“We let this Frankenstein loose without knowing what was going to happen,”

Dr. Levy, are you saying that “Frankenstein” in this quote is a metaphor for vape products and that you didn’t know that underage kids would and could get their hands on them? 

Its called better parenting? Or maybe parental accountability? Not sure which you like better but I don’t think a product that has been proven to be the most effective smoking cessation for adults should be getting even 10% of this harsh, demonizing, and threats to ban just because teens are doing it. 

ZERO teens have died or been killed from vaping. I’m not saying that too in any way convey support for underage use but I am saying that because there are so many other life threating and actual life taking things teens do way more than vaping.

Your Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center contact, Professor Maciej Goniewicz sounds brilliant and credible.

Ya, not! he said and I quote

“These new generations of electronic cigarettes, like Juul … they actually deliver a really high dose of nicotine, probably even higher than tobacco cigarettes,”

Seriously? This is the guy you went with?  The same guy who says he found higher levels of cotinine — a breakdown product of nicotine — in the urine of adolescent vapers than had been reported in prior research of teenage cigarette smokers. 

At what point during your CNN endorsed interview with this man did things not make any sense? Well, I guess that was rhetorical because you used him in your story so to you it all lined up. You didn’t ask him how we were able to test the levels of cotinine in urine but for some reason doesn’t even know if electronic cigarettes have more or less nicotine than a tobacco cigarette? Sounds to me like a very credible source.

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