S. 1253 Sen. Feinstein, Dianne [D-CA]

This bill was introduced 4/30/2019 and is to add vape products to the “Jenkins Act”

Senator Dianne Feinstein
Democrat, California

What is the Jenkins Act?

Well its basically a law that was passed in regards to tobacco products and the sale of products by means that take away money from states. This is what makes selling tobacco products online “illegal”. In this law, they literally claim that unrestricted tobacco sales are being given to support terrorist groups as well as not liking the large profits tobacco companies make.

It’s only ok if you’re making money from it right senator?

As some who know me or perhaps read some of my other reports you know, I stand behind my opinion that the war against vaping is all about money. This bill is perhaps the most undeniable and irrefutable evidence that backs my opinion.

What does this bill mean for you?

Well, it’s simple really. If you sell any vape product online you would effectively be breaking the law 120 days after this bill is passed (if passed). 

The probably hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who live in areas in the United States that do not have an actual vape shop in town will be out of luck when it comes to sustaining there vaping enjoyment. They won’t be able to order online anymore, or at least, according to the text of the bill, have products shipped by USPS. As of right now, they are the only shipping company/agency mentioned in honoring or claiming to enforce this bill. 

I’m not too sure on how in fact they would know, considering most shipping material is not see-through nor would the post office be able to know by an x-ray scan if the bottle they see on screen is, in fact, vape juice or not. 

This is another example of where “common sense” or “possibility of enforcement” is reasonable or even achievable. These types of laws are nothing more then the “empty camera domes” you see in 80% of all retail locations. Scare tactics, which in some circumstances do work. The thought that the post office could actually have time, staff and the already way under budget finances to go through all packages and still maintain some remotely close to acceptable delivery times is simply crazy. While hardware may be easier to see on an x-ray, we are still talking massive amounts of staff and time, not to mention that every package “assumed” to contain vape related products would undoubtedly have to be opened and verified. I would imagine there are tons of products being shipped that could “resemble” a tank, or mod. The amount of time and money required to repackage and re-mail would effectively drive everyone away from using USPS as a package shipping service and considering the federal government does not own any other of the 8+ shipping companies, its an all risk and no reward law. 

So the purpose of S. 1253 is to prevent the tax revenue loss from “tobacco product” sales in any given state that would have normally made the money from not only the in-store purchase but as well as the tax from wholesale, distribution, and manufacturer fees for doing business in their state. 

But the “vaping epidemic” isn’t about the money they say.

They claim that it’s illegal to sell tobacco products yet, make it very clear in the “Jenkins Act” that as long as states are making money from said tobacco product sale its legal. So to be clear, it’s only illegal if the states and government are not profiting from it. Their words, not mine 🙂

Senator Feinstein has a pretty clear rule on her social media pages as seen below.


Senator Feinstein reserves the right to moderate comments – as Facebook allows. The following types of comments will be viewed as counterproductive to this public forum and will be deleted:

1. Comments that are threatening or abusive to Members of Congress, their families or staff, or other Facebook users.

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4. Comments that include detailed personal information, including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses.”

Well then, If you would like to contact Senator Feinstein, you can contact her via phone at (202) 224-3841. She was born June 22, 1933. 

She’s a big advocate for term limits yet feels at her ripe old age of “86” she still has the capability to represent the citizens of her state, of which 75% are under the age of 55, in current and relevant matters.  Only 14% of all California residents are 65+ years old. I think your term limit passed 30 years ago ma’am. 

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