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Benefits of online vape sale bans

The headline is controversial for sure, but could an online restriction of vape products actually be beneficial? 

Lets for a moment not take it personally and look at the current scrutiny on an industry level. The vast majority of product manufactures lack any evident structure whatsoever. You have manufacturers who are selling to distributors, individual wholesalers, direct to retailers as well as direct to consumers via manufacturer websites. (I’ll dive into this at another time)

This is generally a path for failure in the manufacturing industry due to no clear protection for resellers. 

The Problems

Consumers want options. They want tons of choices and not every retail location could possibly afford or provide the exact product or brand that every potential customer could ask for. However, there is a massive percentage of people who vape who never buy, “especially something they’ve never had” online. They want to walk into a store, try it and buy it. Tried, tested, and proved method for any successful retail store. There is also a percentage that will never actually walk into a store and prefer to just order online for convenience. 

Another problem that almost every brick and mortar shop will deal with is losing sales to online sales. Its no secret that most vapers will walk into a shop, try something and fall in love with it. They may buy that initial bottle because it’s there but the first thing so many do is go online and try to find this new found juice they just fell in love with for a cheaper price. 

Some shops will spend thousands of dollars bringing in a new juice line and risk slow sales due to this exact industry problem. A lot of times, it results in the shop never re-ordering. It’s also not just online sales that play a part in this specific problem. Its also local saturation. If every shop can get access to every brand then where is the loyalty from the brand to the shop? More and more shops are looking for brands that are not sold in every store due to that problem. 

Online sales only hurt brick and mortar location yet, brick and mortar locations are typically what you hear people complaining about when cities or states threaten or submit regulations that could potentially hurt their local brick and mortar vape shops. Generally speaking, the continuation of “online sales” will hurt your local vape shop way more than local regulations. 

It’s no secret that most regulations are aimed to prevent underage use.  However, they are going about it in a very wrong and extremely ignorant way that ultimately will have no effect whatsoever on underage usage. If you want to lower the underage usage number then shut down their ability to order the products online. Stop passing or trying to pass unfair laws that would remove products from adults hands who are truly seeing health benefits from choosing to vape instead of smoking. 

Vaping is not a health benefit when you are comparing it to not vaping. It is however when you compare it to smoking. A lesser evil “if you will”. 

If there was an online sales ban, just a blanket, no online sales at all, ban, then you create some benefits not only for the “exaggerated underage usage epidemic“, but also for your local economy.


Areas that currently do not have a vape exclusive shop will drive the need for a new local business to open up. Shops that are currently selling vapor products will be able to expand and grow into multi-location businesses providing not only great products but as well as vape related help and education throughout the community. 

Shops will have fewer risks in bringing new inventory and brands to their stores because now they won’t lose sales online. 

Local government will, or “should” be able to calm the hell down with unfair regulations or restrictions due to less underage use. When teens have to “know someone” to go into a store and buy them something, rather than go online, click a button that says they are over 18 (such a joke anyway) then yes, fewer teens will be walking around vaping or “juuling” Law enforcement can hold brick and mortar employees accountable for sales to minors as well and law enforcement actually enforcing current underage tobacco usage laws on the teens they catch, then systematically the overall underage usage will lower. Not go away, but noticeably lower.

Let’s not bullshit here, people of all age are going to do what they want and there isn’t much anyone can do to stop it. But, when actual punishments are being handed out, it lowers the “out in the open” practice. There is a reason most people slow down when they see a cop sitting on the side of the road.  It’s not because you’re scared of speeding, you are scared of getting caught. It doesn’t stop you the moment you no longer see a cop and you typically go right back to speeding.  Its the same concept. These kids are getting away with it because no one is punishing them. They are being counted to be used in false statistic claims and studies. 

America is so scared of being accused of being “harsh” so they adopted the “revolving door” policy of punishment. Arrest them, try to get some money from them, throw them back out, and let’s try to catch them again. 

An online ban on sales of vape products may not fit your personal view or conveniences but they would be beneficial to the overall industry. The vaping industry put “child proof caps” on their bottles not because the government told them to, ( that was years later ) but because common sense told them to. Let’s get the juice companies to show some common sense again and restrict their own products from being sold online. 

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