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How Old Is To Old? State Senators Out Of Touch.

What is the primary job for a state senator?

“Senators represent the interests of their states’ citizens, write and support legislation and vote on bills.”

But how? Almost all current state senators and law passing congress members are 70+ years of age. I understand the saying “with age comes wisdom” but at what point do we admit that more often than wisdom, with age comes Alzheimer’s, depression, culture differences, and religion based bias. 

Every state has there elected senators that are there to make sure your voice is heard, that important matters to the people are discussed and the general consensus that the majority is being protected and given fairness and equality but how is this possible considering these political positions are filled with senators that are so old, that at most, they represent about 10-15% of their state’s population. 

10% of something is far from the 50+1% needed to classify it as “majority”

When it comes to politics specifically, its impossible to claim religion is not part of decisions or moral reasons for creating or removing laws. When 75% of your “constituents” don’t share the same religious practice, and or belief in the same mythological being with the same dedication or passion then its clear that you no longer have the moral or cultural ability to represent your “people” on such a large and potential devastating way. 

Look at what is going on with the vape industry. 

Study after study is showing evidence that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than smoking yet, its one of the most attacked industries of today. Why? Well, it’s actually pretty simple to explain. 

Has your grandparent/s ever told you something where their only knowledge or education on that topic comes from either the headline of a news story or the 5 minutes the reporter took to talk about it? They have not ever actually researched anything on their own? It’s generally a result of a person hitting a certain age and giving up any ambition to learn anything new. Its no longer interesting to them so they for some reason put immediate trust and believe in mainstream news and take anything they say as fact and ignore any option or possibility that the story was opinion based in the first place. There was a time when media did things right and that contributes to immediate belief today by so many seniors who are completely unaware of how today’s media is owned and influenced by money and political agendas.

Vaping “looks” like smoking so it must be the same.

That’s the mentality of seniors who by the way, run this country. 9% of The United States population is of people aged 65+ and you still think they are in touch with today’s world?

I’m not saying or suggesting we treat them like race horses and take em out back and shoot them simply because they are old but keep in mind, these are the same people who have passed mandatory age retirement laws in other professions because there is, in fact, a certain age where its evident you can no longer be as productive, safe or effective as you once were. This is why the system is built to provide someone who worked most there life, paying taxes and so on, the privilege to finally “hang up your coat” and enjoy the remaining time you have to spend with family and friends. 

Tim Court
Editor -In- Chief, The Vape Wire. Have something you think we should know? Contact me now @ newsdesk@thevapewire.com

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