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Florida Congresswoman Calls Vape Product Manufactures “Bastards”

At a press conference in Florida, Congresswomen Debbie Wasserman Schultz calls vape product manufactures “bastards”

“We need to get these bastards and ensure that they don’t kill, another generation of Americans”

What previous generation of Americans have vape related manufactures killed? 

Congresswomen, if you are trying to refer to, or insinuate that the nearly 500,000 smoking-related deaths per year are related to the “vape industry” then I would like to ask you to resign as a voice for your constituents because someone with that much ignorance has no business representing anyone. 

In fact, vaping is twice as effective as a “smoking cessation” as you will see from just this one study conducted by a small classroom of (12+) Ph’d, MD, and other various science and chemistry professionals. As well as Robert H. Shmerling, MD , a Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing. Doctor Shmerling admits the benefits vaping has when compared to combustible tobacco and also acknowledges the long term effects being relatively unknown.

I don’t recall any vape juice manufacturer ever claiming no long term health effects but yes, some may have said that those effects would be nothing compared to the smoking effects that have been killing hundreds of thousands of people every year.

While vaping is definitely finding its way into more teens hands than cigarettes are, its not due to the actual existence of vape products. It’s due to the ease of online purchase ability of them, and the aggressive and ignorant stance you, and other “people in power” are taking on them is only going to hurt local business who are not selling to minors and adults who make the choice to vape and want to have access to specialty shops to try products, get educated, and purchase products that have changed there life in so many great “healthier” ways. 

Also, vaping is not just “Juul”. Juul may have a large market share and presence but its 100% due to its “big tobacco” ownership and influence in c-stores, smoke shops, and gas stations. Juul seems to be the biggest issue in “teen use” so if you want to ban something, ban Juul. Most vape juice manufactures, as well as most vapers who started vaping to quit smoking will be the first to tell you that 30+ MG of nicotine is outrageous and not needed. There are many liquid manufactures who refuse to release a “salt nic” based product due to the absurdity of its strength and its very high health risk, as well as the fact most “vapers” actually vape 0-6mg strength juices from sub ohm tanks and not super low powered pod devises. 

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla Website

You’re a “true progressive”?


It would seem by actual definition you are not progressive at all actually.

You are actively refusing to accept any studies conducted by not only prestigious universities but also accredited medical professionals and by doing so your only advocating for your personal opinions or views and therefore doing the exact opposite of “broadening peoples knowledge and outright trying to restrict peoples not only current experience of vaping but preventing anyone new from choosing to try the most successful non FDA approved “smoking cessation” product on the market that isn’t a prescription medication that comes with 10 times worse possible side effects than vaping.

Sad reality is that, if the FDA would approve vaping as a smoking cessation than none of these state representatives would be trying to pass 98% of the type of bills they currently are and would actually focus on the “claimed epidemic” of teen use and start regulating online sales as you did with tobacco in 2009 with the (PACT Act).  While the current bill, HR 7337 is attempting to add pipe tobacco and vapor products to the (PACT Act) it hasn’t been looked at for almost a year. Maybe you can focus on fast-tracking that? That way, vape products can be sold online with the same process congress currently allows other tobacco products to be sold and instantly provide a massive decrease in your claimed “teen vaping epidemic”

It’s not too late to actually start being “progressive” and not just making false claims to be.

Tim Court
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