N.J Senators Look To Amend Current Vape Tax

As reported previously, we reached out to gain clarification on the way the current law, (A-4132) was intended to be imposed due to the way it’s actually written.

Imani R. Oakley, Esq. Deputy Chief of Staff Office of Assemblywoman Britnee N. Timberlake 34th Legislative District.

We received confirmation from Imani R. Oakley, that the current law is, in fact, being enforced the way that it was intended. 

However, Imani provided our staff with more information regarding another current bill that passed with an amendment vote of 24 late last week (6/20/2019)



S-3877 looks to remove the unfair $0.10 per ml of fluid that is being taxed on bottles of juice that contain nicotine. It will maintain the current tax process for all pod products. This means that your 100ml bottle of 3mg nicotine juice will only have 10% of retail price tax instead of the almost unaffordable $10.00 per 100ml bottle tax. 

This bill still has just a little bit further to go but it’s looking very promising and is expected by legislators to become law. 

So, if your favorite local vape shop such as Advantage Vapors, in Manahawkin, NJ is selling a 100ml bottle of juice for $19.99 then you are only looking at a total cost of $21.98 and not the ridiculous $29.99 you would be paying under the current law.

Other important things to know about S-3877

This bill makes it law that any retail location that is not registered with the state as an authorized vape business, with a $50.00 annual license fee, per store location, then you are subject to up to $1000 per every day your location is open without an active license. 

Every location must keep proper records of all sales. On the 2oth of each month, businesses will have to submit records that detail every sale of juice along with the total tax amount that will be paid. Also, any business that is operating without an active vapor license is subject to having all related products seized as contraband. 

Overall, this is great news for New Jersey vape shops and consumers. No more will vape shops have to use “less than great” quality nicotine used in “nic shots”. 

It’s important to note that every industry has a “cost to do business” in any state or country and this is not unfair at all. It’s extremely nice to see a state like New Jersey which has a 30% tax on tobacco products is making the progressive move and acknowledging that vape is not tobacco and not throwing it into the 30% tax of other tobacco products. 

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