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One Company Making Headlines For It’s Age Verification Solution

With the never-ending and ever-growing laws and regulations affecting the vape industry, one company “NÜVOL” has created as well as already implemented its 100% accepted method for age verification. As of 7/29/2019, Nuvol has stopped all online orders from being automatically shipped and even paid for via online store.

I spoke with the Director of Wholesale for their U.S division ” Tom Merryman” based in Miami Florida and asked him why is his company moving in this direction, as well as how long have they been working on this.

Mr. Merryman -” The company has been working on this for over 8 months. It’s taken a lot of time as well as software designing to integrate methods and features that quite honestly, don’t really exist for online eCommerce sites. It’s a unique system because it has to work with our already proprietary software we use for our exclusivity programs.”

Vape Wire – ” What is your exclusivity program and how does that work? How are you able to ensure the actual exclusive part?”

Mr. Merrman – ” Well I’m glad you asked. So, from day one Nuvol has never allowed its products to be sold online by any retailer that sells our products. Furthermore, we don’t allow other distributors to wholesale our products. This is how we are able to control with 100% certainty that no shops, retail customers, or online stores get access to our products. When a shop carries our products in their store, our system will automatically deny anyone within 15 miles of that store location to purchase from our website. We also prevent shops with physical locations within 5 miles of an existing nuvol retailer from selling our products. For that reason alone, is why we are the only distributors of our products because we knew and know, we would have been unable to prevent a third-party company from selling to whoever they wanted thus making it impossible for us to attempt to offer exclusivity. 

Vape Wire – ” Have you noticed slower growth from what sounds like a lot of restrictions you guys put on yourselves?”

Mr. Merryman – “Well, we don’t really look at it as a restriction perse, but more of an incentive for brick & mortar shops to carry our products. We protect their juice investment, something I don’t think any other juice manufacture could say. We know at all times who are selling our products and actively prevent those who do have them from listing or selling our products online. The reality is this. The majority of vape shop customers will almost always search for a new juice they found at their local store online, mainly to see if they can get it cheaper. I would safely say, that 98% of all juice on a shops shelf could be found online cheaper and that’s even with shipping in most cases. We take absolute pride in knowing that at least when you sell our products, you won’t lose $1.00 to online sales. So no, we have not necessarily seen slower growth, instead, we see more loyal and recurring orders simply because we not only have a superior quality juice line, but also a very structured and successful business model. 

Vape Wire – ” So explain if you will, the process. Say I want to get on your site and order some juice, what will I go through? How will it be done?”

Mr. Merryman – ” Well, pretty easy actually. You would shop and browse just like on any other site. You add your items to your cart and once you’re done you click submit order. It then comes to us and we will contact you within 24 hours to process your payment. During that time, we have also already organized with your closest local vape shop, delivery of that order. Once your payment is made the order is shipped to the participating pick-up location. You get notifications of its tracking as well as delivery. The shop will then hand over your item once age verification has been completed.”

Vape Wire – ” Why would or do these shops participate? What’s in it for them?”

Mr.Merryman – ” We pay them of-course! lol. Granted we aren’t asking them to do anything different then they are already supposed to be doing. I would say the only added “work” would be to open the package and verify the I.D with the name on the invoice. 

Vape Wire – ” Out of curiosity, how much are you guys paying them?”

Mr. Merryman – ” That information is only available to the participating shops.”

Vape Wire – ” What about states that don’t allow online sales?”

Mr. Merryman – ” We are currently in-progress with working with the ATF to register and comply with the current PACT act. We will pay each state their appropriate tax as well as open our company and its orders/records up to any and all inspections and audits. We want to play by the rules as well as ensure that we do as much as we possibly can on our end to make sure our products don’t get in the hands of minors. We don’t want to sit around and just wait for regulations, we are taking steps in the direction our legal department thinks we all will end up going anyways. 

Vape Wire – ” Well Tom, I do appreciate you speaking with me and answering some key questions. I like what you guys are doing. It’s very different from the norm that’s for sure. 

Mr. Merryman – ” Not a problem. I’m glad you reached out and gave us the opportunity to discuss this. I will contact you when some of our other, currently in the works, programs are released.

A unique direction from an even more unique company.

After that interview, I logged onto there site and found that I was fortunate to have a local shop that actually carried there products, as I have never seen or heard of them prior from getting an email in regards to there program as was discussed above. 

I am more than impressed with the quality and flavor of these guys. It is really unlike anything that I have ever had before. I can actually taste not only a huge quality difference but also the most accurate flavor. I brought two bottles,  Jordbaer Flote (strawberry ice cream) and Vanil Jesaus (vanilla custard).

Check them out for sure!

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