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The Vaping Ignorance Among Us

  1. lack of knowledge or information.
    “he acted in ignorance of basic procedures”

While most would agree that “ignorance”, when it comes to vaping and or vape products is a massive understatement. You have one side that jumps at any potential coincidence or potential correlation that anything negative is due to vaping yet, has done no research to find facts and proof that would either verify or exonerate there ideas or thoughts.  Then, you have a second group, who like the first, assume that what they hear is 100% fact and refuse to acknowledge “actual” fact that disproves there original thought or assumption. 

My favorite, group 3, is the vaping community. A massive amount of people who all have individual stories about how vaping changed or saved their lives yet can only seem to come together in times of huge threats to the future of vaping. 

There is no 100% correct group, nor is there any wrong group. Each group brings potential points to the table. However, they are ignoring the correct table to come together at.

The vaping industry “before juul” & “the pod/salt nic” craze, had its own scrutiny sure, but it was nothing compared to what it is now and has evolved into. 

Juul is the demise of our industry and for those who don’t see that, then you are lacking the educated business sense needed and should hold your ignorant opinions to yourselves. This company has singlehandedly provided a discreet, easily concealed device that have pods with large amounts of nicotine as well as empty pods that can be filled with who knows what and can be used with there device. The ever-evolving THC market has clearly gotten in the fad and reaking havoc in its path. 

I personally, as well as a huge section of the vaping industry does not condone nor does it appreciate its products being used for the drug market. This does nothing but increases the potential to blame the vape industry that was designed as a less harmful alternative to smoking. Something to help kick the horrible amount of deaths related to tobacco smoking.

Believe it or not, the ingredients used in vape juice had some science and trials behind it before it got to this mainstream size it is today. Now, with the illegal drug dealers and users, we are now seeing their garbage, drug addict mentality mess up a true life-saving industry due to there lack of knowledge, testing, and intelligence.

Still, even with that being said, policymakers are equally as ignorant by grouping everything together and publically blaming the vape industry and flavors for the recent and not so recent youth usage.


Reality Check

  1. If you ban flavors from brick and mortar stores you only force online sales to increase and further your ability to ensure safe and quality products finding the hands of consumers because let’s face it, you can’t shut down every site that sells it, and if you could, 5 minutes later, that same site can and will be right back up and running.  (look at the illegal online movie streaming industry for example)

2. Taking the ability to buy flavors from a store is also online going to increase the DIY market thus, increasing the potential for health problems due to multiple reasons including, nicotine handling, improper or toxic contaminations, as well as more potential drug experimentation. 

             3. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will be jobless 

4. Let’s be honest, if you thought the “Black Lives Matter” riots were bad, you havent seen what 10+ million pissed of vapers are capable of! Not to mention the thousands of business owners that just lost their homes, family, and or life because of an ignorant move to ban flavored vegetable oil.


There is no denying that Juul is the biggest problem child that needs to be addressed. Is it the only one? probably not, but it is for sure the largest and also big tobacco financed one. 

You want to make a dent in the youth usage and the drug usage causing all the sicknesses and deaths, then open your eyes and pull your head out of your political asses and start limiting or banning JUUL and at least all the non sealed or refillable pods. You can pass laws that require safety standards that ensure no pods can work after its initial use (rfid) or complete ban on refillable pods.

Tim Court
Editor -In- Chief, The Vape Wire. Have something you think we should know? Contact me now @ newsdesk@thevapewire.com

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