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Daily Vent

The Vaping Ignorance Among Us

ig·no·rance /ˈiɡnərəns/ noun   lack of knowledge or information. “he acted in ignorance of basic procedures”   While most would agree that “ignorance”, when it comes to vaping and or vape products is a massive understatement. You have one side that jumps at any potential coincidence or potential correlation that anything negative is due to vaping yet, […]


N.J Senators Look To Amend Current Vape Tax

As reported previously, we reached out to gain clarification on the way the current law, (A-4132) was intended to be imposed due to the way it’s actually written. We received confirmation from Imani R. Oakley, that the current law is, in fact, being enforced the way that it was intended.  However, Imani provided our staff […]

In The News

Florida Congresswoman Calls Vape Product Manufactures “Bastards”

At a press conference in Florida, Congresswomen Debbie Wasserman Schultz calls vape product manufactures “bastards” “We need to get these bastards and ensure that they don’t kill, another generation of Americans” What previous generation of Americans have vape related manufactures killed?  Congresswomen, if you are trying to refer to, or insinuate that the nearly 500,000 […]

Daily Vent

How Old Is To Old? State Senators Out Of Touch.

What is the primary job for a state senator? “Senators represent the interests of their states’ citizens, write and support legislation and vote on bills.” But how? Almost all current state senators and law passing congress members are 70+ years of age. I understand the saying “with age comes wisdom” but at what point do […]

Daily Vent

Benefits of online vape sale bans

The headline is controversial for sure, but could an online restriction of vape products actually be beneficial?  Lets for a moment not take it personally and look at the current scrutiny on an industry level. The vast majority of product manufactures lack any evident structure whatsoever. You have manufacturers who are selling to distributors, individual […]


National Vape Expo

JULY 13-14 2019 | UNIONDALE, NY We are excited to announce this years hosts for the Nassau Coliseum NVE 2019 show. Please join NVE, Grimm Green, Ohmmywattsup & the one and only Blake Webber. Grimm Green – I am all about Vaping, E-cigs and tobacco harm reduction I’ve personally been vaping for the last 8 […]