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Vaping age to increase to 21?

A recent bill has been introduced into the senate that is trying to change the age of purchasing vaping products from the current 18 to 21. Now, some states have already adopted this plan but those age increases are not currently active or enforced at this time.  The “logic” behind this, according to the supporting […]

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Are the 1% of vapers to blame?

Vaping is no doubt and has no doubt been under the federal magnifying glass, especially in the last 4 or so years. Government agencies and mainstream media alike have all been “claiming” horrible effects of vaping on teen usage as well as the “long term usage” unknowns. While this is nothing significantly new, It is, […]

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Michael Nedelman, CNN ( A great example of mis-information)

Original article written by Michael Nedelman, producer from CNN  https://edition.cnn.com/2019/01/17/health/vaping-ecigarettes-kids-teens-brains-fda/index.html This is a great example of someone with a large media platform from a very bias and politically sided news agency passing on what looks at best, to be more uneducated incorrect quotes from people with the letters, DR in front of their name to […]